Author: Asian Pop Curator

Anime / Kawaii / Vocaloid Music City Pop / Shibuya-kei / Contemporary J-Pop

Introducing Songs by YOASOBI, ZUTOMAYO, Yorushika, and Other Bands (Ayase, Miku Hatsune, 100kaiouto, n-buna, Sangatsu no Phantasia, supercell, and Nagi Yanagi)! | “Racing into the Night (English Ver.),” Yakousei / Yakosei / Yoru-kei, J-Pop

In recent years, the Japanese bands “YOASOBI,” “ZUTOMAYO,” and “Yorushika” enjoy enormous popularity among people in their teens and twenties. Those music listeners are characterized as “Yakousei” (or night-loving), and consequently, those bands and