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Introducing TWICE’s Up-Tempo, Cute, Energetic, Exciting, Fun Songs! | K-Pop

Many of TWICE’s hit songs are up-tempo! They include full of cute, energetic, exciting, and fun songs! TWICE is an international K-pop girl band consisting of five Koreans (Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Nayeon), three Japanese (Mina, Momo, and Sana), and one Taiwanese (Tzuyu). We’ve carefully selected seven up-tempo songs by TWICE, an influential group that is popular not only in Asian countries but has also succeeded in North America. Please take a look at our comments and try to find your favorite songs!


When hearing it for the first time, you’ll be blown away! The cuteness and coolness of everyone, the catchiness of the melody, the mood of the choreography, the atmosphere of Vancouver, Canada, everything is perfect. The intense pronunciation of TWICE’s “T” in the intro is so addictive!


It’s not very energetic but exciting. Just listen to it! The girls’ voices and bass lines are bouncy, and the groove is so good that it makes you want to walk haha! There seems to be no music video or live footage of this song on YouTube. It’s definitely a hidden gem!

3. TWICE “Kura Kura”

A Japanese song. In this song, we should focus on the visuals, the cinematography, and the graphics. Especially the beautiful TzuYu in the rose bath! The scene where everyone is having dinner is also joyful. Anyway, all the scenes are excellent. The track itself is also super catchy!


The girls are saying “Look at me” in English and Korean so many times, haha! Extremely cute and dope.

5. TWICE “Fake & True”

This is the Japanese song when TWICE started to change its style to get mature. Aren’t the black, sparkly outfits (especially Momo’s) cool and cute? The colorful sequin costumes of the Korean girls were also beautiful. The song is just as fun as the rest!


This song is something other than cool or cute. The concept, costumes, and dance are a little weird, haha. But it’s outrageously addictive. You can’t stop repeating that music video!


The good old song that brought about the TWICE sensation in Japan and made them to participate in NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen, the most prestigious J-POP TV program, which is broadcasted once a year. This song is the world representative of Halloween songs! The visuals and the song are cool and beautiful―perfect! The cuteness completely blows away the fear of ghosts.

TWICE’s up-tempo songs have such a great number of plays on YouTube. How incredibly popular they are! It’s no surprise that they’re the driving force behind the third Korean wave in Japan! We’re looking forward to seeing new up-tempo songs by Twice members, who have got matured.

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