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Introducing ITZY’s Music Videos (TWICE’s Little Sister / NiziU’s Big Sister)! | K-Pop

J. Y. Park became famous for the Nizi Project, which brought about NiziU. J. Y. Park is the head of JYP Entertainment, one of the top three K-pop agencies. NiziU as well as TWICE are the members of JYP Entertainment. It is ITZY that is TWICE’s little sister and NiziU’s big sister! We’re going to introduce you to the overwhelmingly cute but bold and powerful songs by ITZY.


This would be the most accessible of ITZY’s songs. The bass refrain at the beginning of this song is addictive and makes you want to do your best. In the music video, they act as women who do what they want with smug faces. Sometimes, they charm the people around them. At other times, they annoy the people around them, haha. Anyway, they don’t lose their cuteness at all! They’re pretty even though her outfit is sporty and not frilly!


Everyone is full of cuteness. But the beginning scene and melody are so serious and tense that you might be confused. Just wait a minute and keep listening. The chorus is damn dope and liberating. You’ll be hooked on it!


This is the coupling song of “ICY” with nice bass and beeps. It’s powerful like ITZY’s other songs. Also, it has a refreshing feeling, which makes us want to listen to it all the time. Feel the beat in your heart while eating cold sweets or something in an air-conditioned room!

The following article is about K-pop summer songs other than “IT’z SUMMER.” Please take a look!

4. ITZY “Not Shy”

The beginning of the MV is wild, and you might think it’s too odd. Also, the costumes are quite casual for girls. However, after listening to that song for a while, you will be dragged into the atmosphere of the Western United States. In the end, the strong attacks of the drums and the beeping sounds become comfortable. The members dancing and driving in the wilderness look cool! Yet, ITZY is still overflowing with cuteness. That’s the incredible thing about ITZY!

5. ITZY “In the morning”

It’s too terrifying to start out with a gunshot, haha. It’s a mafia song. Just before the chorus, the song is getting a little gentler. But it then goes into a very tense moment again in the chorus. Eventually, the song finished with a lot of tension. Scary all the way, haha. But wait. You’ll want to listen to it again! Once you start listening to it a second time, you can’t stop the loop. Can’t get enough of IZTY’s dancing music because it’s so good in itself!


This song is a bit more monotonous than ITZY’s other songs. But its lyrics are fantastic! It’s a song about their wanting to be their true selves, a feeling that teenage girls before adulthood would sympathize with. They appear a little insecure but determined to go forward. It’s no wonder that this tune has so many view counts.

ITZY’s music videos are a little bit difficult to approach. But it’s certainly captivating. That’s the charm of ITZY. Its popularity shows no signs of waning. Look forward to seeing what the future holds for the girls!

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