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Introducing K-Pop Summer Songs by APRIL, Brave Girls, Cherry Bullet, ELRIS, fromis_9, GFRIEND, Lovelyz, OH MY GIRL, TWICE, Weki Meki, and WJSN!

There’re so many high-quality K-POP summer songs. If you’re going to choose them as background music for your summer memories, they’re bound to be priceless! In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best music videos of K-Pop summer songs! Please take a look at our comments and try to find your favorite songs!

1. WJSN “Boogie Up”

It’s a song with a sense of reality. It’s rare for WJSN, who often have a flavor of future and fiction, haha. The rapper Exy’s voice is quite quirky. But once you get into it, you can’t get out! The choreography is breathtaking. All of the members have great figures. Sort of scary! Surprisingly, the location of the film is Okinawa, Japan.

2. ELRIS “Summer Dream”

Isn’t this tune a masterpiece? The music video is pure and girlish, with no hint of the heat and bitterness of summer! The cinematography also brings out the charm of the girls without compromise. It’s the atmosphere of exotic resorts, such as those in Macau, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This is a very underrated song that should be shared more often. In recent years, they’ve added new members and are planning to change their performance style.

3. fromis_9 “WE GO”

All the members are full of confidence and look divine. The song itself is hot and catchy. You could feel the staff’s determination to stay on top of the latest fashion and music trends. The track is groovy and feels good! Sort of virtual travel by fromis_9.

4. Cherry Bullet “Aloha Oe”

The song conveys the atmosphere of women who are not only fresh and pretty but also strong and sound. It’s a perfect combination of “Cherry” and “Bullet” elements, showing off the best of Cherry Bullet! The colorful sets and marine-style costumes are intriguing.

5. GFRIEND “Sunny Summer”

All GFRIEND’s songs are melodious. Even adults who can’t keep up with the youth, and Asian people who can’t follow Western-oriented tracks, can easily get into their music. This video is mellow and nostalgic. Further, the moderate choreography is cute, and Eunha’s emerald green hair fits her well! The girls had sung a large number of incredibly nice songs. But they broke up in May 2021. It’s too sad, especially because they debuted in Japan and had a strong connection with it!

6. TWICE “Alcohol-Free”

This is a wonderful, bossa nova style song that will make you feel like you’re at a resort. The girls’ eye-catching outfits are superb! It’s mid-tempo but not monotonous at all. Rather, pleasant and comfortable. It’s surprising that there is such a way to get relaxed!

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7. OH MY GIRL “Dolphin”

You should be hooked on the bass lines of this piece. The strange and comical gestures of each of the seven members, with their distinct personalities, are noteworthy. Also, Arin’s charming smile and Seunghee’s big grin are attractive, haha.

8. Weki Meki “Tiki-Taka”

The snappy dance and water gun fights by the pool are exhilarating! Just watching the members dancing in the vivid background makes you feel refreshed as if you were visiting a resort. It makes us want to drink cocktails by the pool! Notice the presence of the tall Doyeon and her smug face!

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9. APRIL “Now or Never”

It’s a little different from the usual 100% pure APRIL―their look is a little playful. Chaewon’s blue hair is so bright!

10. Lovelyz “Wag-zak”

An elegant summer song that retains its freshness. Listen to it in the afternoon when you need to calm down!

11. Brave Girls “Chi Mat Ba Ram”

Appendix A. Brave Girls “Rollin’”

Brave Girls is a group that became so popular after Korean civilians discovered their live performance of “Rollin'” in front of Korean soldiers who were completely enthusiastic about them. The summer song “Chi Mat Ba Ram” was released just after the girls became popular. Their vocals are solid, and their smiles are excessively charming!