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Organizing NiziU’s Music Videos in order! | Japanese K-Pop

After auditioning under a K-pop giant, J. Y, Park, NiziU exploded in popularity in the summer of 2020 and debuted that winter. NiziU is comprised of nine Japanese members: Ayaka, Mako, Maya, Mayuka, Miihi, Nina, Riku, Rima, and Rio. We’ve made a list of NiziU’s fresh yet powerful videos. Please take a look at our comments and try to find your favorite songs!

1. NiziU “Make you happy”

This track, which was a big hit in Japan, is not their debut song but their pre-debut song! In other words, they’re an amazing band of girls who became stars even though they never debuted! Each member looks natural without any sense of flirting! The music video shows they have their own personalities and charm, just like the producer J. Y. Park intended! The song itself is a little weird but “moreish”―the more you bite it, the more it tastes.

2. NiziU “Step and a step”

NiziU’s Debut single. It’s not as pop as their other songs. But what encouraging lyrics! The video is fancy and unique. And the step choreography in the chorus is addictive. They performed at NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen, the most prestigious J-POP TV program (broadcasted once a year) only one month after their debut. Amazing!

3. NiziU “Take a Picture”

This tune is the first track of NiziU’s second single. “Take a Picture,” what a simple title, haha. But the song is so powerful that such worries are instantly blown away. Can’t stop repeating it! The camera work and Maya’s voice are especially good. And the amusement park at night appears fun to play in secret. You’ve never felt such a pleasant iPhone shutter sound, haha. In the dance version, they’re just dancing. Even so, super-attractive!

4. NiziU “Poppin’ Shakin’”

The second song of NiziU’s second single. The girls are cute, remind us of the early days of TWICE members, and have the atmosphere of their junior sisters. That song is so good that it could have been the third single. You can see NiziU is well cared for by the staff.

Appendix A. Nizi Project

This is the first video from Nizi Project, the audition program that produced NiziU. The first few episodes may be a bit boring because you can’t predict what will go on. But if you watch it for a while, you’ll be captivated by the girls’ efforts. The interaction between JY Park and Nina at the end of this video is touching and makes us want to cheer for her. You might not be able to sleep because you’re curious about the rest of the story. Be careful!

We’ve listed NiziU’s four songs (their pre-debut song, debut song, and the two of their second singles). The comment sections on their YouTube videos are filled with English comments. Their international fan base seems to be growing! They are about to get comparable to the other global stars such as TWICE and ITZY, the senior members of their agency, JYP Entertainment. We can’t wait to see what this new girl band does in the future!

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