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Introducing TWICE’s Mid-Tempo, Cool, Fresh, Nostalgic Songs! | K-Pop

In recent years, TWICE has been changing from the cute to the matured. So they’ve been enriching their music with more relaxed mid-tempo songs. They have a lot of cool, fresh, and nostalgic songs. TWICE is an international K-Pop girl band consisting of five Koreans (Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Nayeon), three Japanese (Mina, Momo, and Sana), and one Taiwanese (Tzuyu). Recently, they’ve been gaining popularity not only in Asia but also in North America. We’ve carefully selected mid-tempo songs. Please take a look at our comments and find your favorite songs.


How much money does the MV cost? The TWICE Team did their best! The African-like outfits and the colorful flora and fauna are refreshing. The girls’ brilliant treble and the relentless bass lines are great.


The members’ voices themselves don’t stand out much. But their harmony with the background track is pleasant. The low bass in the calmness of the melody is nice, and the mid-range whistle (?) in the chorus is emotive. Anyway, Momo’s voice before the chorus is cute! Neither rapping nor singing (웃어볼 수 있을까 / 2:06)? And Dahyun’s sleek face looks great against her white dress.

3. Twice “Precious Love”

An early TWICE song. It’s not flashy by any means. But it has a pleasantness that makes you want to listen to it ten times over. Everyone’s singing voice is nice, smooth, and pristine! This is sang by Ayaka at the audition for NiziU (Nizi Project).


It may be a little bit different from TWICE’s style, but the song itself is pretty cool and groovy! The visuals of TWICE are fun. But the song alone makes us want to listen to it on repeat. It’d be good to see their dance, but no live video has been uploaded on YouTube.

5. TWICE “1 To 10”

It’s nice to hear the girls’ fresh voices that sound like trying to being grown up but not trying to be sexy and pushy, haha.

6. TWICE “What You Waiting For”

It’s not flashy but great! This slightly tense feeling is nice and emotive. Perhaps the reason there’s no music video might be because it’s hard to dance with this track.

7. TWICE “Heart Shaker”

This song really pop! It’s melodious and has a rather J-Pop flavor. So even Japanese people who don’t usually listen to K-pop might find it easy to get into. They appear in white knits and jeans on the video. It’s not fair that they look so cute!

Looking at what TWICE has been doing in recent years, we can expect to see more and more mid-tempo songs sung by them. We hope to see their new classics!

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