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Organizing All of GWSN’s Songs in Order and Introducing Its Popular MVs: Discography and Recommendations! | K-Pop

GWSN (Girls in the Park) is a K-pop girl group consisting of seven members: Anne, Minju, Lena, Seokyoung, and Seoryoung from Korea, Miya from Japan, and Soso from Taiwan. Their popularity has been rising due to their authentic sound and mysterious graphics. This article organizes all of GWSN’s songs from their debut to the present in song order, and also suggests their lead tracks and some recommendations. Hope you’ll discover your favorites!

1st Mini Album “THE PARK IN THE NIGHT, part one”

(1) Puzzle Moon

(2) Shy Shy

(3) Let It Grow ~ a little tree


(5) Melting Point

(6) Lullaby

1. GWSN “Puzzle Moon

Appendix A. Perfume “Spending all my time

The lead track of GWSN’s debut mini-album, “Puzzle Moon,” is mysterious and beautiful with its crystal-clear vocals, xylophone-like electronic sound, and melodious bass. The classical yet somehow futuristic costumes and settings create an exotic or otherworldly atmosphere. Also, the finger tatting and hand tatting create a sense of wonder, as with those in “Spending all my time” by Japanese female trio Perfume.

2. GWSN “Shy Shy

A hidden gem of K-pop! The synthesizer, electric drums, and syncopated bass lines create a groove. And the sub-vocalists’ obbligato is just as clear and pleasant as the main vocalists’.

3. GWSN “Melting Point

Even though this song is a ballad,  it’s not monotonous but rather enjoyable thanks to the ups and downs of the melody, the fast trap-like hi-hats, and the gentle rapping that sounds as if it’s talking to you.

2nd Mini Album “THE PARK IN THE NIGHT, part two”

(1) Pinky Star (RUN)


(3) BLOOM (True Light)

(4) Miss Ping Pong

(5) One & Only

(6) Growing ~ For Groo

(7) Toktok (Part Night Version)

4. GWSN “Pinky Star (RUN)

Maynine, who was in charge of “Puzzle Moon,” was joined by his team to arrange and compose this song. It’s a very original song with moves in the bass and xylophone that accentuate its mysterious atmosphere. But at the same time, the melody is catchy. So you can’t help but listen to it repeatedly! In contrast to the girly atmosphere of the other members, Japanese member Miya’s salmon-pink short cut and glen-check pantsuit are unique and cool!


The relaxed feel of the melodic trap track and some sense of urgency when the number of notes increases in the chorus are both pleasant! Further, the flute and pure vocals add a touch of fantasy to this song.

6. GWSN “Growing ~ For Groo”

The arrangement of the rhythm section is serene yet crisp, powerful, and dramatic. A male group could also perform it well.

3rd Mini Album “THE PARK IN THE NIGHT, part three”

(1) RED-SUN (021)

(2) All Mine (Coast of Azure)

(3) Night Aviation (The Interpretation of Dreams)

(4) Total Eclipse (Black Out)

(5) Birthday Girl ~ 19 candles

(6) Kind of Cool

(7) Black Hole

(8) Recipe ~ for Simon

7. GWSN “RED-SUN (021)”

The ivy tangling around the construction and the growing tree show their vitality. So are the lively bass guitar, the members’ summer clothes, and the crisp dance moves in the chorus. Incidentally, Miya’s short bright red hair is so cool!

8. GWSN “Birthday Girl ~ 19 candles”

The members’ voices are pure, so you can savor their performance. Also, in this song, you can listen to the highly romantic melodies that are not usually found in Western music.

4th Mini Album “the Keys”


(2) Aerialist (Wonderboy)

(3) Tweaks ~ Heavy cloud but no rain

(4) After the bloom  (alone)


The futuristic impression of this music video is created by the trendy and vivid lightings and settings. Although that track is not very elaborate, it is easy for anyone to get into.


(1) Burn

(2) I Can’t Breathe

(3) Like It Hot

(4) e i e i o

(5) Starry Night

(6) I Sing (lalala)

10. GWSN “Like It Hot”

The music video for the lead song of GWSN’s fifth mini-album “Like It Hot” shows the duality of the illusionary world where decorative costumes and mysterious computer graphics and settings are provided, and the cheerful real world made up mainly of neon and pale colors.

GWSN has an impressive presence and innocence. They will continue to deliver good music at this rate!

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