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Organizing All of fromis_9’s Songs in Order and Introducing Its Popular MVs: Discography and Recommendations! | K-Pop

The K-Pop girl group fromis_9 is perfect in everything from vocals, dance, visuals, and fashion. The girls started out in the pure style of the audition show Idol School and have gradually moved to a more trendy one. They’re getting more and more popular, and they’re on a roll! In this article, we shall organize all of fromis_9’s songs in order from their debut to the present, and shall introduce some of their popular songs on YouTube as well as their recommended songs. Hope you enjoy them!

1st EP “To. Heart”

(1) Intro

(2) To Heart

(3) Miracle

(4) Pinocchio

(5) Be with You

(6) Glass Shoes (MAMA Ver.)

1. fromis_9 “Glass Shoes

2. fromis_9 “To Heart

The most popular song on fromis_9’s first EP “To. Heart” is “Glass Shoes,” its pre-debut song. And the second most popular is “To Heart,” which is arranged and composed by the team of Iggy and Seo Young-bae, who have also written many songs for GFRIEND, DIA, and other K-pop bands. Both of the fromis_9 members’ spontaneous and smooth voices fit well with those pop songs! The members’ appearance just before their debut is way cute, including the twin-tailed Jiheon, the school uniform costumes, and the matching choreography!

3. fromis_9 “Miracle

We recommend “Miracle” from their first EP “To. Heart.” The drums emphasizing the third beat are exhilarating! And as always, the choreography of fromis_9 is amazing.

2nd EP “To. Day”

(1) Intro

(2) Think of You

(3) DKDK

(4) 22nd Century Girl

(5) Clover

(6) First Love

4. fromis_9 “DKDK

The most popular one on fromis_9’s 2nd EP “To. Day” is “DKDK.” It’s not fair to put cats and fromis_9 in the same video! How can’t they be cute? That song is thoroughly cute and poppy, showing the uncompromising nature of the music production group PRISMFILTER.

5. fromis_9 “Think of You

We recommend “Think of You” from their 2nd EP “To. Day.” The vocalization is extremely melodious, backed by the overpowering bass and funky electric guitar. In addition to that, the melody of the song changes at a dizzying pace, never letting the listener get bored. This is a hidden masterpiece full of the essence of K-POP!

1st Single Album “From. 9”

(1)「Love Bomb」

(2)「Dancing Queen」


(4)「DKDK (From.9 ver.)」

(5)「22nd Century Girl (From.9 ver.)」

6. fromis_9 “LOVE BOMB

This is the most popular song from the 1st Single Album “From. 9.” The music video is quite catchy with its cute rap and simple chorus. And the stage set is stylish with vivid red and floral motifs. Everyone’s got the cool hairstyles and fashions, especially Jiheon with her short blonde hair!

7. fromis_9 “Coloring

We recommend “Coloring” from the 1st Single Album “From. 9.” This song, with its dynamic bass line, was composed by Mayu Wakisaka, who also worked on GFRIEND’s last album, and her team.

2nd Single Album “FUN FACTORY”

(1) FUN!

(2) Love RumPumPum

(3) Fly High

(4) DKDK (From.9 ver.)

(5) 22nd Century Girl (From.9 ver.)

8. fromis_9 “FUN!

This song is the most popular song on the 2nd Single Album “Fun Factory,” which is a typical example of an eccentric but addictive one! The chorus is made up of a simple chromatic scale, but you can’t help but listen to it over and over again. And the complicated arm choreography and commercial-style graphics are worth watching!

9. fromis_9 “Love RumPumPum

The recommended song from the 2nd Single Album “Fun Factory” is “Love RumPumPum.” The fashionable fromis_9 matches the 1990’s tacky sound effects to create a perfect balance. Also, the rhythmic choreography is in sync with the music.

3rd EP “My Little Society”

(1) Feel Good (SECRET CODE)

(2) Weather

(3) Starry Night

(4) Somebody to love

(5) Mulgogi

10. fromis_9 “Feel Good (SECRET CODE)

11. fromis_9 “Weather

This track is the first of their 3rd EP “My Little Society,” in which the groovy bass and guitar are a nice touch. Gyuri, a baby-faced girl with long arms and legs, has a charming smile and dances elegantly! And all the girls are getting more fashionable. The recommend song is “Weather,” which is next to “My Little Society” and makes you want to keep listening to it.

3rd Single Album “9 Way Ticket”

(1) Airplane Mode

(2) We Go

(3) Promise

12. fromis_9 “WE GO

13. fromis_9 “WE GO (Performance Video)

All the members are full of confidence and look divine. The song itself is hot and catchy. You could feel the staff’s determination to stay on top of the latest fashion and music trends. The track is groovy and feels good! That song is arranged and composed by the team with Woo Min Lee “collapsedone,” who also composes and produces NiziU’s “Poppin’ Shakin’.”

The following article is about K-pop summer songs, including “WE GO.” Please take a look!

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