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Introducing Popular Songs by Legendary K-Pop Group I.O.I and Its Members (CHUNG HA, KIMSEJEONG, SOMI, DIA, gugudan, Pristin, Tea Party, Weki Meki, and WJSN) | PRODUCE101, K-Pop

I.O.I, which was born out of the first audition of the PRODUCE101 series, is a legendary group! Its former members include CHUNG HA, KIMSEJEONG, SOMI, DIA, gugudan, Pristin, Tea Party, Weki Meki, and WJSN, and they all have great careers! This article will introduce you to their songs. Please find your favorite solo or group!

1. I.O.I “Very Very Very

If you watch this music video, you might only be interested in the catchiness of the song and the girls’ unique visuals. But if you watch it after understanding what they’ve done since then, you’ll definitely be deeply touched! By the way, the song “Very Very Very,” which was sung by Ayaka, Miihi, and Rima in the Nizi Project program, is composed by J. Y. Park—the boss of SOMI, a former member of I.O.I.

2. SOMIWhat You Waiting For

This is a song by SOMI―a Canadian-Dutch-Korean who has an expressive voice. This can appeal to any listener around the world.

3. KIMSEJEONG “Warning (Feat. lIlBOI)

KIMSEJEONG is not only visually stunning. Her spontaneous vocals are pleasant and smooth! If she is advertised, she would be appreciated by many Japanese listeners!


5. SEJEONG “Flower Way”

SEJEONG’s live videos are by far refreshing! She has a crystal clear voice, including falsetto. Not only that, but she also expresses herself effectively. She’s not just a girl who looks charming!

6. gugudan “Wonderland”

Sejong was also a member of gugudan along with Mina. The arrangement of that song and the gugudan members’ singing style are cute and fresh!

7. CHUNG HA “Roller Coaster”

8. CHUNG HA “My Friend”

CHUNG HA, a typical Korean beauty, is a K-Pop soloist and. The first song is a lively 1990s-style one with crisp dance moves. In the second song, she sings coquettishly with a relaxed expression, which is rare for CHUNG HA.


Nayoung and Kyulkyung were in PRISTIN. Not only are they good singers, but they also have a good sense of rhythm. This is part of the reason why that song is groovy. 

10. Tea Party “Show Me”

After being in PRISTIN, Nayoung participated in Tea Party in the drama Imitation, as with Jung Ji-so, who played the daughter of a rich family in the Academy Award-winning film “Parasite.”


Yeonjung has been the youngest member of WJSN (Cosmic Girls) for a long time now. This group is always fascinating with their beautiful melodies, mysterious dances, and mystical music videos!

12. DIA “On the Road”

In the case of Chaeyeon, she has been the ace of DIA. That song is arranged and composed by the team of Iggy and Seo Young-bae, who have also written many songs for GFRIEND and fromis_9. It’s a nostalgic song that would appeal especially to the ears of Japanese listeners!

13. Weki Meki “Tiki-Taka”

14. Produce101 “PICK ME”

In the MV of Weki Meki’s “Tiki-Taka,” the tall Doyeon’s dance moves are extraordinary, and Yoojung’s baby face is impressive. As for the second video, Yoojung has the honorable position of being in the center of the first Produce 101 trainees. Amazing!

The following article is about K-pop summer songs, including Weki Meki’s “Tiki-Taka.” Take a look!

15. I.O.I “Dream Girls”

And let’s bring it back to I.O.I! This is the lead track of I.O.I’s debut mini-album. You can see the enthusiasm of everyone in their young days, ready to work hard. It’s so impressive to look at what they’ve done since then!

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