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Popular Songs by Groups from PRODUCE101 (INI, I.O.I, IZ*ONE, JO1, Wanna One, and X1) | K-Pop, J-Pop

The PRODUCE101 series has given birth to several world-class K-POP groups that many people have heard of at some point, including I.O.I, Wanna One, X1, IZ*ONE, and JO1. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to some of their best music videos. Take a look at our comments and find some of your favorites!

1. JO1 “YOUNG”


The first video is “YOUNG” by JO1, whose members were selected through the first PRODUCE101 audition in Japan. Their cute facial expressions and relaxed dancing are fantastic! The performance in the second video is done by the audition members at the final stage. It’s so exciting to see their energetic attitude and determination to be selected! The tense atmosphere of the audition may seem more in line with the lyrics of the song than the studio performance. Shion Tsurubo’s spirit is very moving!


Ren Kawajiri, the center of the audition members, is so stylish with his crisp dance moves and flawless smile! There must be a lot of people who got into PRODUCE101 JAPAN through this song (or Ren)! The theme songs themselves are always superb, and you can listen to them over and over again in performances and at the opening of programs without ever getting bored―the theme song of PRODUCE101 JAPAN is no exception!


This song is on ORβIT’s first album “00.” Those boys participated in PRODUCE101 JAPAN but were not selected as members of JO1. Kim Heecheon and Yugo Miyajima’s beautiful visuals and gentle singing are attractive. It must be a powerful rival to JO1.


This is the theme song for the 2021 program, PRODUCE101 JAPAN SEASON2. The performance is even more refreshing and cool, befitting an idol of the new era! Can’t wait to see the activity of the INI members who have been selected in this audition!

5. Wanna One “Energetic”

6. PRODUCE48 “Energetic”

This is the masterpiece of Wanna One, the first boy group from the PRODUCE101 series. This is also one of the best songs among all K-POP boy bands! Additionally, the vocals by the audition members of the PRODUCE48 girls are powerful and great―especially Yuri, who later joined IZ*ONE!

7. X1 “FLASH”

8. PRODUCE X 101 “X1-MA”

A powerful and rhythmic K-pop song by X1, the junior member of Wanna One. The dancing of the stylish members is outrageously cool. But, even if you want to dig for more, it’s impossible. The group disbanded in less than half a year while its popularity was booming. This is because the fraud led to the arrests of some staff members of the PRODUCE101 show and made the planned five years of X1’s activities much shorter. Otherwise, the group would have definitely become popular worldwide! The ex-members must be successful in the future!

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The theme song of PRODUCE48, which gave rise to IZ*ONE. PRODUCE48 became a hot topic in Japan since many members of AKB48 sister groups participated in it. The crunchy dancing is refreshing, especially after the chorus!

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10. PRODUCE48 “1000%”

The drumming that emphasizes the third beat reminds us of good old K-POP. It’s very comfortable! This is one of the best original songs of PRODUCE48.

11. PRODUCE48 “Don’t Know You”

Appendix B. Heize “Don’t Know You”

Heize is a Korean singer-songwriter and rapper who combines Western groovy vibes with Asian melodious choruses. “Don’t Know You” is one of her most iconic songs. Its cover by the PRODUCE48 audition members shows off their elegant and soft voices!

Appendix C. LIGHTSUM “Vanilla”

Incidentally, Han Chowon, who demonstrated her outstretched vocals in “Don’t Know You,” missed out on debuting with IZ*ONE due to a series of manipulating the rankings of audition members (which led to the breakup of X1). How can that be sad? But Cheowon got to debut as a member of LIGHTSUM! Good to hear that!

Do you know I.O.I is a legendary band? Although there is no room for information on I.O.I in this article, it is referred to in the next article. So please have a look!